How do the elderly choose a wheelchair?

Many elderly people cannot walk for a long time because of their weakness or poor joints. Therefore, with the help of wheelchairs, the elderly can rest when they are tired. But not all elderly people are suitable for driving a wheelchair, so which elderly people need to drive a wheelchair? How to choose? What are the sizes of wheelchairs for the elderly? What should I pay attention to when buying a wheelchair?

A. Which elderly people are suitable for driving wheelchairs?

1. Elderly people with a clear mind and quick response can consider using an electric wheelchair, which is the most convenient way to travel.

2. Due to poor blood circulation in diabetes or the elderly who have to drive a wheelchair for a long time, the risk of bedsores is higher. It is necessary to add an air cushion or latex cushion on the seat to disperse the pressure to avoid pain or sultry feeling after sitting for a long time.

3. Not only people with incapable mobility have to drive a wheelchair, some stroke patients have no problem standing, but their balance function is impaired, and they tend to fall when they lift their feet. In order to avoid falls, fractures, head injuries and other injuries, it is recommended to drive a wheelchair. .

4. Although some elderly people can walk, they can't walk far because of joint pain, hemiplegia, or other problems, or their body is exhausted, and they are short of breath.

5. The response of the elderly is not as sensitive as that of the young, and the ability to control with both hands is also weak. Experts suggest that it is best to use a manual wheelchair instead of an electric wheelchair. If the elderly can no longer stand, it is best to choose a wheelchair with detachable armrests. Caregivers do not have to pick up the elderly and can move from the side of the wheelchair to reduce the burden.


B. How to choose a wheelchair suitable for the elderly?

1. Buying a wheelchair is not as high as possible

If you choose a wheelchair improperly, it will not only cause economic waste, but also cause harm to your body.

2. There should be a gap of 2.5-4 cm between the thighs and the armrest after sitting in the wheelchair

① If it is too wide, it will stretch too much when pushing the wheelchair with both arms, and it will be fatigued easily, and the body will not be able to maintain balance and cannot pass through narrow aisles. Elderly people cannot put their hands comfortably on the armrests when they rest in a wheelchair.

② If the seat is too narrow, the skin of the buttocks and outer thighs of the elderly will be worn away, and it is inconvenient for the elderly to get on and off the wheelchair.

3. The upper edge of the wheelchair backrest should be about 10 cm under the armpit

① The lower the backrest, the greater the range of movement of the upper part of the body and the arms, the more convenient the functional activities, but the smaller the support surface, which affects the stability of the body. Therefore, only the elderly with good balance and mild mobility impairment choose low-back wheelchairs.

② The higher the backrest and the larger supporting surface will affect physical activity, so adjust the height according to different people.

4. After sitting in a wheelchair, the front edge of the cushion is about 6.5 cm behind the knee

① If the seat is too long, it will hold back the knee, compress blood vessels and nerve tissue, and wear down the skin.

② If the seat is too short, the pressure on the buttocks will increase, causing discomfort, pain, soft tissue damage and pressure sores.

5. In order to make the elderly feel comfortable when driving a wheelchair and prevent bedsores

A cushion should be placed on the seat of a wheelchair. The cushion can disperse the pressure on the buttocks. Common cushions are foam rubber and inflatable cushions.

6. The forearm is placed on the back of the armrest, and the elbow flexion is about 90 degrees normally

① If the armrest is too high, the shoulders are easy to fatigue, and pushing the wheel ring can easily cause abrasions on the upper arm skin.

② When the armrest is too low, driving the wheelchair will easily cause the upper arm to tilt forward, causing the body to tilt out of the wheelchair. If the wheelchair is operated in a forward-leaning position for a long time, it may cause deformation of the spine, compression of the chest, and difficulty breathing.


C. What are the types of wheelchairs for the elderly?

Boost wheelchair

Steel-tube wheelchairs are heavier in quality. This is the earliest type of material used in wheelchairs. Its advantage is that it can be used in a small area because the quality of the car body will not cause the patient to roll over or recline when riding. However, the use environment is restricted and cannot be used in a humid environment. It is easy to be damp and rusty, and it is scrapped and has no recycling value.

In recent years, aluminum alloy wheelchairs have gained the upper hand. It is mainly suitable for people on high floors, people with humid environment, and people who go out frequently. Because of its light weight, it is easy to carry, which brings convenience to movement and travel. And it can be recycled after being scrapped.

Toilet wheelchair

The wheelchair is suitable for people with disabilities or patients who have amputation or incontinence due to high amputation, and is convenient to travel.

Post time: Aug-24-2020