How to live gracefully in a wheelchair?

Dear, when you don’t feel that you are different from others because of your body, you can regain the elegance of life. Talk about my male vote. Although it is very different from the subject, I hope to be able to The subject is enlightening. He is an East Asian. He was born without two calves and was adopted by a Canadian family. (Additionally, his Canadian parents are really great, economic conditions are average, and they have adopted many children, including war refugees, children with abnormal health, etc. After silently wishing, I would like to adopt them if I have the ability) just met At that time, I didn’t know that his body was different from ordinary people... His walking posture was indeed different, especially when he walked down the stairs, but if he didn’t say it by himself, few people really noticed... I didn’t know until he told me: Ah, Are both knees prosthetic? At the beginning, I was worried a lot, but gradually I found out that he was really good, much better than me -_-#

He did not leave any impression of a disabled person. For example, he never took the kind of caring seat in the bus and MRT. Although he hated the stairs, he would not go to the elevator if everyone walked together. He never shouts tired and does not ask for rest... In addition, he has surpassed many other people in many aspects, including me, such as his favorite kayaking, for example, his upper body is full of muscles (persist in fitness), such as he likes Badminton, baseball, bike, and ice hockey (sentence...too much better than me), his college tuition, his car, etc. are all earned by himself but not funded by his family. He has a superb grade in law in Canada. , And sex, he is also very good at it (covering his face)... When I am with him, I am all sorts of people shouting tired to find a seat... In the eyes of outsiders, he is financially independent and has a boundless future; for himself, he never stops Enjoy beautiful things and never give up the pursuit of self-worth and quality of life. Chang Huai is grateful and full of expectations. To be honest, I have never seen anyone more sound than him. I think his life is very elegant, because he never highlights the difference between himself and others in his life, and he never uses it for welfare.

Of course, he will also encounter a lot of troubles and annoyances due to physical inconvenience, and maybe even everything he does is to cover up this matter and the spiritual damage caused by this matter, but in my opinion, this matter has no effect at all. It even shaped his charm in some ways. He is special, and I also like his special. I am very fortunate to be with him, and it also made me feel the existence of happiness and the motivation to pursue happiness. He told me that what he thinks about East Asia is bad is that everyone cares about it very much. In the environment in which he grew up, everyone will not look at it because of it. I also understand this point, so I always remind myself not to pay too much attention to this, and not to treat him differently because of his legs. Just do whatever he wants, and keep enough care and respect. I believe he can handle it by himself. It's like imposing one's kindness on him. Maybe he is already very lucky. Anyway, he felt so. Of course, the subject's situation is more serious, let alone "lost", which is more serious in a sense, but I think this should not affect the subject's pursuit of the life he wants. Maybe it is different from others. But so what? Everyone is different anyway. Everyone has their own unique meaning and value, which cannot be changed because of what has been lost. I hope the subject can also find a lifestyle that suits him.

Post time: Sep-04-2020