How to maintain the wheelchair battery?

The service life of the electric wheelchair battery is not only related to the product quality of the manufacturer and the configuration of the wheelchair system, but also has a great relationship with the use and maintenance of consumers. Therefore, while requiring the manufacturer's quality, it is also extremely important to understand some common sense of battery maintenance.

1. "Fat state", develop the habit of keeping the battery fully charged, no matter how long you use it every day, you should recharge it. Keep the battery in a "full state" for a long time.

2. Carry out deep discharge regularly; it is recommended to use a deep discharge after two months of use.

3. It is forbidden to store under power; storage under power will seriously affect the service life. If the idle time is longer, the battery will be damaged more seriously. Idle electric wheelchairs should be recharged regularly and refilled every two months to keep the battery in a "full state" for a long time.


4. If the electric wheelchair is not used for a long time, the power cord connector should be disconnected to separate the battery from the electrical components and reduce battery discharge.

5. High current discharge has a certain harm to the battery; therefore overloading is not advocated.

6. Keep the surface of the battery clean. Prolonged exposure to the sun (especially when charging) is prohibited when storing the car. Keep the car in a cool, ventilated and dry place as much as possible.

7. Keep the other parts of the vehicle intact, replace the vulnerable and consumable parts, and improve the battery energy utilization rate

Post time: May-27-2020