How Carbon Fiber Electric Wheelchair made?

To konw the processing technology of carbon fiber

Carbon fibers can be made by carbonizing polyacrylonitrile, pitch, viscose or phenolic fibers. The most commonly used carbon fibers are polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber and pitch carbon fiber. The manufacturing of carbon fibers consists of four processes: fiber spinning, thermal stabilization (preoxidation), carbonization and graphitization. The accompanying chemical changes include dehydrogenation, cyclization, preoxidation, oxidation and deoxidation. Hummer carbon fiber cloth.

1. Wire drawing: the raw material is heated and it is the reinforcing material: the reinforcing material for winding forming is mainly various fiber yarns, such as alkali free glass fiber yarn, medium alkali glass fiber yarn, carbon fiber yarn, high strength glass fiber yarn, aramid fiber yarn and surface felt. Resin matrix and various fillers. It is extruded into gel shaped wires, and plastic fibers are made up of thousands of wires.


2. Stability: after 400 ℃ heating and oxidation, the thermoplastic macromolecules are converted into heat-resistant structures. It can not melt and burn at high temperature, keep the shape of the fiber, and keep the heat in a stable state of carbonization: heating 1000-2000 degrees will drive away the non carbon atoms, with high temperature oxidation into black, and then through the carbonization furnace, the carbon atoms are bound to the fiber.

3. Carbonization and graphitization: parallel filaments are subjected to a charged surface to better absorb the resin. A few hundred fibers are used to form a fibrous net. The resin is coated with the fiber net into the machine at the same time. The resin is adsorbed on the fiber net, and the resin is infiltrated into the wire mesh through the extrusion resin, and the liquid resin becomes gel after cooling.


First, we will use automatic machines to cut carbon fiber cloth. For example, we will cut carbon fiber cloth to the size of parts. The size of each part is different, and the size of carbon fiber cloth is also different.


Second, the carbon fiber cloth after cutting is rolled up layer by layer through the rolling process to become the prototype of JBH carbon fiber wheelchair components, and each part is composed of hundreds of layers of carbon fiber cloth. In the process of superposition, the position of each mounting hole will be reserved in advance.

Third, put the mold into high temperature heating, forming. The rolled parts will be put into the high-temperature mold for heating, so that the whole carbon fiber cloth is closely integrated into the molding and become a complete part.

This is the manufacturing process of carbon fiber materials, many of which require high technology and very complex processing Simply put, the principle of carbon fiber material is like sticking a piece of paper into a thick pile of paper, and the pile will become solid.

Fourth, parts gluing. After the initial processing of each part of carbon fiber wheelchair , workers are required to bond each part to form a complete large frame part.

Fifth, high temperature baking. The glued parts are put into the high-temperature oven for high-temperature heating and paint baking. Carbon fiber wheelchair components. 100% quality inspection to ensure the quality of components.


Sixth, assembly. The quality inspection finished parts are assembled, the assembly wheelchair brushless motor, PG controller, cushion, back, complete carbon fiber wheelchairs production is completed.


Features of carbon fiber electric wheelchair:

A qualified carbon fiber wheelchair is processed through 20 processes, so the price of carbon fiber wheelchair is higher than that of ordinary wheelchair. However, jbh carbon fiber electric wheelchair has many advantages over ordinary aluminum alloy wheelchair

·Lighter weight, only 15KGS

·The appearance is more beautiful and sporty

·Higher intensity

·It has better yield and good shock absorption function

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Post time: Sep-02-2020