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  • Suggestion from Wheelchair Manufacturer on Using Wheelchairs

    Wheelchairs are divided into ordinary wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Special wheelchairs are derived from ordinary wheelchairs based on the residual limb function and use purpose of wheelchair patients. Commonly used structures include plug-in wheelchairs, reclinin...
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  • 3 Mistakes When Buy a Electric Wheelchair

    Abstract: Old people reach a certain age and have inconvenient legs and feet. At this time, it is necessary to buy special electric wheelchairs for the elderly. The electric wheelchairs for the elderly are easy to operate, safe and comfortable to ride, and have become a ...
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  • Experience of Using Electric Wheelchair

    When buying electric wheelchairs. Money is not much on the one hand, no cognition is the key; people who don't use don't know, people who use don't know how to express. In the electric wheelchair market, the price is not equal to good, the cheapest is enough, and the mos...
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  • How Awesome Hawking’s Wheelchair is(II)?

    2、 Brain wave recognition technology. The reason for not using this technology is simple - it's not mature. Deep level consciousness, at present, can not be interpreted at all. Finally, their solution is simple: improve the associative ability of input method. They spec...
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  • How Awesome Hawking’s Wheelchair is(I)?

    Learn More Learn More Last week, Hawking celebrated his 76th birthday. It has been 55 years since he was diagnosed with progressive f...
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  • Wheelchair Free Your Life

    For a person who has lost all or part of his ability to walk, the incapacitated body becomes a prison for imprisoning the soul. When I was just imprisoned, I would be desperate and feel hopeless. Will lose his temper, will cry in silence, and even hurt the closest person...
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  • What is it like to use a bad wheelchair

    Wheelchairs belong to the category of household medical devices, so a regular wheelchair must meet the requirements of quality production management regulations, and must have a manufacturer's instruction manual and certificate of conformity. A wheelchair of excellent qu...
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  • How to Choose Wheelchairs and Scooters(III)

    (2) Disabled persons with weak upper limbs can also be equipped with two vehicles. A-Hand-push wheelchair: Due to the weakness of the upper limbs, in most cases it is not possible to turn the wheel autonomously. Such users require a hand-push wheelchair with a handle. If...
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  • How to Choose Wheelchairs and Scooters(II)

    To choose appropriate wheelchairs or scooters as a mobility tool, we can simply divide the users into the elderly and the disabled and discuss them separately. 1. For the Elderly When purchasing mobility tools for the elderly, it is necessary to consi...
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  • How to Choose Wheelchairs and Scooters(I)

    Abstract: The suggestions below are from wheelchair suppliers, if you want to know how do wheelchair purchase, it will help you. First, since you want to choose a category, you must first introduce the types of these mobility tools. In simple terms, scooters and wheelcha...
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  • Electric Wheelchair Shopping Guide

    Electric Wheelchair Shopping Guide

    I was walking on the street in an electric wheelchair. Many people were curious about my wheelchair. The first sentence was: "How much is your wheelchair? Where did you buy it?" Looking at his bright eyes, he seemed to be rushing towards Shop to get one. You ca n’t see t...
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  • Wheelchair Purchase Advice – From China Wheelchair Manufacturer

    Wheelchair Purchase Advice – From China Wheelchair Manufacturer

    The choice of wheelchair mainly considers two aspects, one is strong and durable, and the other is to choose according to the formal selection criteria. First of all, in terms of sturdiness and durability, of course it is a price for a price. Personally, I feel that the ...
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