Standing Reclining Power Wheelchair Operation Guide

With the advancement of science and technology, there are more and more categories of electric wheelchairs, with more and more subdivided functions. In the early days, electric wheelchairs could only provide transportation, but now electric wheelchairs are not only lighter in weight, but also more user-friendly functional design to better solve the many needs of the disabled. Such as standing electric wheelchairs, liftable electric wheelchairs, stair climbing electric wheelchairs and so on. JBH Medical will share with you the correct operation method of a standing wheelchair.

Correct operation method of standing wheelchair

Since the functional structure of the standing electric wheelchair is more complicated, the price of the standing electric wheelchair is relatively expensive and the operation is more complicated. Especially friends who use a standing electric wheelchair for the first time should pay attention to the correct operation method.

First of all, please do not operate blindly when using a standing wheelchair for the first time. Learn the functions and instructions of each operation key according to the professional introduction or refer to the instruction manual. JBH Medical recommends to be familiar with the operation essentials in the no-load state first, and to master each After completing the operation procedures, sit in the wheelchair and familiarize yourself with operations such as forward and backward, turning and crossing obstacles, climbing (safe slope), etc.; after familiarizing with all the above operations, go to a flat and spacious place to practice standing and sitting posture switching operations;

Secondly, before riding a standing wheelchair, please check whether the fixation equipment at the knee joint is firm and whether the knee joint is fixed; in addition, whether the lumbar fixation belt is fixed; some friends with higher disability points in paraplegics are recommended to use the chest It is better to install a safety strap above the neck and below;

Third, you must operate on a flat place when standing. Because the center of gravity of the wheelchair is constantly rising during the process of changing from sitting posture to standing posture, it must be operated on a flat place. Standing operation on a slope is strictly prohibited;

Fourth, when driving and operating a standing wheelchair, remember to install the anti-roll wheel that comes with the wheelchair;

Fifth, do not modify the battery and other equipment of the standing wheelchair privately. After the battery is replaced, the center of gravity of the electric wheelchair will change, which may bring safety hazards to your standing operation;

Sixth, some standing wheelchairs can move forward in a standing position. It is recommended to choose a flat road and reduce the speed of the vehicle when standing forward.

The biggest difference between a standing wheelchair and an ordinary electric wheelchair is that it can change our body from a sitting and lying posture to a standing posture, strengthen lower limb exercises, lung capacity exercises, etc., promote blood circulation and delay muscle atrophy.

Correct operation method of standing wheelchair
Standing wheelchairs are particularly suitable for people who suffer from muscle atrophy, lower limb weakness, stroke, and spinal cord injury. Through continuous exercise, physical functions can be greatly improved, leading to a more confident and healthy life.

Post time: Sep-11-2020