The Marvel Panther actor passed away and was photographed in a wheelchair into the emergency room

According to the Associated Press, "Black Panther" actor Chadwick Boseman (Chadwick Boseman) died of colon cancer at the age of 43.

Marvel Studios also issued an article saying: "Our hearts are broken, and we greet Chadwick Bosman's family." At the end, I added the sentence "Your legacy will be immortal."
Indeed, the wonderful images he left on the screen are a valuable asset for Marvel fans around the world, and his black panther spirit will always inspire people to move forward.

In 2018, Bosman played the role of King Techara in the movie "Black Panther", which is the successor of the Black Panther. That year, the movie earned 1.3 billion box office worldwide and received 7 Oscar nominations, earning both fame and fortune. , Can be called a model of black film.

Since then, he continued to play the role of Panthers in "Black Panthers 2", "American Team 3" and "Reunion 3". For this role, his performance has a kind of kingly spirit, a kind of cruelty to kill and decisive, but acting skills People are still looking forward to it.

On May 6, 2022, "Black Panther 2" starring him was released in North America, but Bosman could never see that scene again, and the film is currently in the pre-production stage, which is very important for fans. That is undoubtedly a huge regret.
I don’t know how the Black Panther crew will end up. Who will be selected for a temporary change of starring role. How many people are willing to pay to watch Bosman’s "Black Panther 2" without it?
According to his wife and family, Bosman was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago. During these four years, he was fighting the illness while also bringing a wonderful performance to the audience. In the family statement, he said: "Chadwick is a true fighter."
As early as June of this year, he was photographed by the media as sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a mask, and a headscarf wrapped tightly. He was pushed into the emergency room of the hospital by a nurse.

He is so weak that he has to be taken care of by others, which is very different from his image on the screen. When fans see this situation, they are all worried about his physical condition.
Two months before this time he was taken to the hospital, Bosman uploaded a public welfare video he had taken. He was covered with a beard in front of the camera. It was obvious that he had lost a lot of weight and his cheeks had sunken in. The eye sockets are also deep. However, he himself said that these appearance changes are for filming needs.

In order to play a role, Marvel male stars generally go to exercise and develop a body that meets the requirements.
At that time, some fans expressed optimistically that Bosman might really lose weight for the new work, because Bosman is usually a vegetarian, and he has a set of special diet methods that he can gain or lose weight at any time according to the needs of the plot. , The hospital may have lost weight too much, so there is no need to worry.
Even Bosman himself once said: "I followed Arnold Eret's mucus-free diet and quickly dumped a bunch of meat. It looked thin. I am healthy and thin."

However, fans who hold these attitudes are obviously blindly optimistic. It turns out that Bosman has always been deceiving fans, and his physical condition has not been optimistic. His famous works were also filmed during cancer treatment.
Bosman passed away on August 29th, Beijing time, and August 28th local time, US local time, leaving only the infinite sadness of his family and fans.

This heartbreaking news didn’t come to light until it broke out that people knew that he had fought cancer for 4 years.
Some netizens used the line "Wakanda forever" in "Black Panther" to mourn the king.

Some netizens said that 2020 is a sad day. Kobe died before. Now Bosman has left us forever. "If I told you that the two legends will die in the same year, you should not believe me. ".

Losing two famous black stars in one year is a huge loss to the sports and film industry. "Black Panther" is not only a movie but an encouragement to the black community.
Now that the "Black Panther" is gone, I hope he is well in heaven.

Post time: Sep-07-2020