What will happen if using a electric wheelchairs incorrectly?

Manual wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs are important means of transportation for the elderly and disabled. Operation and driving may seem simple, but not every user can regulate and operate correctly. Many people using wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs lack professional guidance and are causing secondary injuries to users. Do you know that many wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs are causing secondary harm to you?

Long-term incorrect wheelchair sitting posture will not only cause a series of secondary injuries, such as hunchback and other injuries, but also cause respiratory function to be affected, leading to an increase in the amount of residual air in the lungs; of course these problems only slowly affect your health , So everyone doesn't care. But when the body shows some bad symptoms, it is too late. Therefore, the correct way to ride wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs is a big problem that every elderly person cannot ignore.
In fact, this is why the price of a wheelchair ranges from one or two hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. Better wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs pay more attention to the humanization of functional design. Good wheelchairs have undergone a lot of data research at the beginning of the design. In order to solve these problems, the wheelchair is designed with corresponding adaptation functions!
1. The buttocks are as close as possible to the wheelchair back
If some elderly people cannot get close to their backs, their lower backs will bend and slide out of the wheelchair. Therefore, according to personal circumstances, it will be more comfortable to choose a wheelchair or electric wheelchair with an "S" seat surface design.
2.Is the pelvis balanced?
Pelvic tilt is an important factor in scoliosis deformation. Pelvic rolling is caused by poor deformation of wheelchair cushions and electric wheelchairs. Therefore, the material of the seat back cushion is very important when choosing a wheelchair electric wheelchair. You can observe that after three months of riding on many cheap wheelchairs, the back pad becomes a groove. Long-term use of this kind of wheelchair or electric wheelchair will inevitably lead to scoliosis and hunchback.
3. The leg position should be appropriate
Improper height or angle of the wheelchair footrest can cause leg pain and transfer of pressure to the hips. The height adjustment of the wheelchair pedals should be appropriate. When sitting in a wheelchair, the angle between the calf and thigh is slightly greater than 90 degrees, otherwise the long-seated leg will be painful and blood circulation will also be affected.
4. Fixed upper body and head posture
In some patients, if the upper torso of the upper body cannot maintain a correct sitting posture, a wheelchair with a high backrest and an adjustable backrest angle can be used. For the elderly and disabled who have difficulty in balancing and controlling the trunk (such as cerebral palsy, high paraplegia, etc.), headrest, fixed sitting posture, such as waist belt and chest belt, to avoid spinal deformation. If the torso of the upper body has a hump forward, please use a double cross chest strap or H-shaped belt to fix it.

Post time: Aug-18-2020